Long Range or CQB

Last week we had our first glimpse of cooler, crisper mornings in central Florida. Seasons are changing and as always, time is a precious commodity. How do you choose between all the things vying for your attention and picking the ones that move you forward? Prioritization of course.

Let’s say you carved out some range time for the upcoming weekend because you know shooting is important. Are you working on long range shooting or more close-quarter type drills?

How do you pick? First ask yourself your mission objectives. Are you training for self defense? Do you have an upcoming hunting trip? Do you feel capable and confident in your handgun work or do you want to start understanding bullet drop and ballistics better?  

I have a video up in the Team Room discussing how to choose between long range work or close quarters battle. I hope members of the FSW University find it interesting and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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