Providing Consulting Services for Corporations, Places of Worship, Private Security Firms, plus Foreign and Domestic Law Enforcement and Military Units.


Team Building

Building trust, and synergy among individuals to achieve common goals and enhance overall team performance.

Motivational Speaking

Inspiring and empowering audiences through engaging presentations and stories to encourage personal growth, positive change, and the pursuit of success.

Security Assessments

Comprehensive evaluations conducted to identify vulnerabilities and risks within a system or organization, aiming to enhance overall security and prevent potential threats.

Security Planning and Gap Analysis

Assess current security measures, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and creating a strategic plan to address these gaps and improve overall security.  

Physical Security Testing for Critical Infrastructure

Comprehensive evaluation that involves simulated real-world scenarios to assess the effectiveness of physical security measures in safeguarding vital facilities and assets.

Active Killer Training and Planning

Preparing individuals and organizations with proactive strategies and protocols to effectively respond to and mitigate the impact of an active killer situation.

Protocol Review and Development

Systematic examination and creation of guidelines and procedures to ensure efficiency, safety, and consistency in various processes within an organization.


Rich Graham is a Navy SEAL veteran and the creator of the Full Spectrum Warrior™ (FSW) System. FSW trains civilians and assists police departments and militaries across the globe in developing cutting edge training and problem solving for an ever evolving threat.

His accomplishments includes: SEAL Team 10 Operator and Sniper; Tactical advisor to multiple SRT/SWAT Teams across the country; Trained Police Departments across the country in Counter Terrorism Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).


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