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May 27, 2023 @ 9:00 am May 28, 2023 @ 5:00 pm



Too many people assume that simply having a gun in their home will guarantee the security of their family.  Realistically, if you or your loved ones are not skilled in its use, and psychologically prepared to use it, the firearm can actually be a liability.

This 1-day course is designed for couples to attend so that they can work together as a force multiplier in a defensive situation. The participants will learn movement and communication techniques, in addition to tactics common in the executive protection (Body Guard) business!

Responsible citizens and their families should take this class. This class provides an opportunity for you and your loved ones to learn and practice modern defensive techniques doing realistic exercises and drills that are simply not possible elsewhere.

  • Situational awareness, threat recognition and deadly force issues/outcomes.
  • Drawing from a holster, grip, trigger management, sight alignment plus “high ready/low ready” techniques which are fundamental for muzzle discipline.
  • Marksmanship principals for real world situations (not competition).
  • Target identification and threat discrimination over “speed shooting” for bystander safety.
  • 360° scanning, movement, and firearm manipulations to prepare for “real world” situations.
  • Execute team movement, cover fire, flanking, and other tactics safely and effectively.
  • Use of team tactics to gain a tactical advantage in different scenarios.
  • Team movement/tactics and when to use each for the greatest tactical advantage against the threat

Ammunition:  We use Frangible ammunition on our range because you will be shooting steel targets. Frangible ammunition is available for purchase onsite however if you would like to bring your own ammo, please bring frangible ammo ONLY. For safety reasons ball and steel core ammo are not allowed!

  • Handgun
    • 250 rounds of frangible ammunition for your pistol
    • At least 3 magazines
    • Holster (outside the waistband, or inside the waistband)
    • Magazine pouch
  • Defensive Rifle (AR-15, AK-47, or similar) with a sling and a sighting system (optic and or iron sights)
    • 250 rounds of frangible ammunition for your rifle
    • At least 4 magazines
    • Magazine pouch (Many students wear battle belts, chest rigs or plate carriers however these are optional)
  • Ear and Ear protection
  • Gun lube, cleaning kit, tools
  • Clothing for the weather (Note the range is outside)
    • Closed toed shoes
    • Pants (recommended)
    • Long sleeve shirt (recommended)
    • Hat (recommended)
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
  • Lunch and snacks
  • 1-Gallon of water
Paisley, FL 32767 United States
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