Precision Rifle Techniques II

In-Person Instruction Available at The Florida Deep Woods Ranch Training Facility


Precision Rifle Techniques II

This course builds on the knowledge and skills learned in the Precision Rifle I class. Responsible citizens including hunters, sport shooters and firearms enthusiasts that want to push their long-range marksmanship skills to the limit will love this course. You will obtain the data and skills needed to obtain first round hits out to 800+ yards.

If you are traveling in from out of town and would like to rent a rifle for the class, simply write us a note on the registration page about rentals and we will get back to you.    

This course will cover advanced techniques required to achieve first round hits out to 800 yards.  

Topics include:

  • Precision or hunting style rifle (Bolt action or semi-automatic)  
    • Adjustable rifle scope with appropriate long-range reticle (Mildot, MOA, or BDC)
    • Bi-pod or shooting bags for rifle
    • Instructional guides and specification for your optics and rifles including reticle instructions.  
  • 300 rounds (Frangible requirement doesn’t apply for this course)
  • Note pad, calculator, pencil/pen
  • Ground pad 
  • Ear and Ear protection
  • Gun lube, cleaning kit, tools for your scope/scope rings
  • Clothing for the weather (Note the range is outside)
    • Closed toed shoes
    • Pants (recommended)
    • Long sleeve shirt (recommended)
    • Hat (recommended)
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
  • Lunch and snacks
  • 1-Gallon of water each day

What's Included:


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