Low Light Defensive Techniques

In-Person Instruction Available at The Florida Deep Woods Ranch Training Facility


Low light Defensive techniques

Many attacks happen in low or no light environments. Are you ready and capable of defending yourself and your family in these conditions especially under stress? Can you consistently operate your rifle and handgun without looking at them? Can you perform reloads and clear malfunctions by feel?

This 1- night course provides the perfect opportunity to practice your handgun and carbine fundamentals in a low light environment and will allow you to learn various tactics for low light operations. 

This is a 1-night course, almost all of which is done on the range. We will start in the late afternoon to make sure your weapons and gear are set up correctly and to practice the skills and techniques needed for a low light environment before we switch to live fire. As the sun sets, we will put these techniques to use doing a variety of drills and exercises.

Responsible citizens and armed professionals should take this class.


This class includes stress drills where you will safely move through a predetermined course of fire engaging targets. These drills are optional based on each shooter’s abilities and comfort levels.

If students cannot safely keep up with the course tempo, the instructor may have students continue drills with gun clear and safe or sit out during the exercise for the safety of the group.

Ammunition:  We use Frangible ammunition on our range because you will be shooting steel targets. Frangible ammunition is available for purchase onsite however if you would like to bring your own ammo, please bring frangible ammo ONLY. For safety reasons ball and steel core ammo are not allowed!

  • Handgun
    • 250 rounds of frangible ammunition for your pistol
    • At least 3 magazines
    • Holster (outside the waistband, or inside the waistband)
    • Magazine pouch
  • Defensive Rifle (AR-15, AK-47, or similar) with a sling and a sighting system (optic and or iron sights)
    • 250 rounds of frangible ammunition for your rifle
    • At least 4 magazines
    • Magazine pouch (Many students wear battle belts, chest rigs or plate carriers however these are optional)
  • Lights
    • Weapon mounted lights for both rifle and pistol
    • Handheld tactical style flash light.
  • Eye (clear) and Ear protection
  • Gun lube, cleaning kit, tools
  • Clothing for the weather (Note the range is outside)
    • Closed toed shoes
    • Pants (recommended)
    • Long sleeve shirt (recommended)
    • Bug spray
  • Lunch and snacks
  • 1-Gallon of water

What's Included:


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