Lifesaver Course (TCCC/TECC/Step the Bleed)

In-Person Instruction Available at The Florida Deep Woods Ranch Training Facility


Lifesaver Course (TCCC/TECC/Step the Bleed)

This Life Saver Course is based on the US Military Combat Lifesaver Course. It has been specifically developed for the FSW team to provide an intermediate level of knowledge between basic first aid and the care provided by EMS.

Although TECC and TCCC principles are prioritized during medical emergencies, this course is also augmented with basic first aid and life support principles (Like CPR/AED use) which are more common in non-military settings and situations.

If you are traveling in from out of town and would like to rent a rifle for the class, simply write us a note on the registration page about rentals and we will get back to you.    

This course is appropriate for all responsible citizens and law enforcement officers.

There is no prerequisite for this course so mature children and teens are welcome.

The legal ability to own or handle a firearm is NOT applicable for this course since all scenarios involving firearms will use Airsoft or Blue Gun equipment.

Participants will learn how to address time-sensitive trauma including major bleeding, blocked airways, and shock while also performing common lifesaving techniques often seen in non-military settings and situations.

Topics Include:

Hands-On Activities and Skills Include:

  • All practice equipment is supplied for the course
  • Optional: Bring your medical kit to review the contents during the equipment portion of the class

What's Included:


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