Land Navigation I

In-Person Instruction Available at The Florida Deep Woods Ranch Training Facility


Land Navigation I

This 1-day Land Navigation course will provide the participants with a fundamental understanding of how to use a map and compass. The course will challenge the students as they use their equipment, skills, and techniques navigating through Florida’s beautiful Ocala National Forest.

Although there is no pre-requisite, participation in this course involves some strenuous activity including hiking on rough terrain in the heat. If you have any physical limitations, you are welcome to participate in the classroom portion however the hands-on portion is not recommended.

  • Compass (with adjustable declination)
  • Protractor, Ruler, Small note pad and pencil with eraser
  • GPS (optional as backup for safety)
  • Cell Phone (with full battery)
  • Boots/Pants/Long Sleeves/Hat (Extra clothing and socks recommended)
  • Backpack or camelback with water
  • Snacks & lunch
  • Flash light
  • Whistle
  • Bug spray and sunscreen


Since the woods are public land, and since we are not hunting, all firearms must be concealed per FL statutes.

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